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Three recent incidents of Rape-Murder-Molestation have wounded the soul of Bharat Mata

1. Bone-chilling Gangrape, mutilation and savage murder of a hapless woman in Haryana on May 9, 2017, followed by smashing of victim’s face with bricks reminded of a horror worse than the ‘Nirbhaya Case’, sending shock waves at BJP Govt’s apathy towards women’s security. 

2. On May 25, 2017, a gruesome gangrape of 4 women and murder of accompanying adult at Jewar-Bulandshahr Highway in U.P. by monstrous goons under the nose of U.P. BJP Govt shocked the entire nation. 

3. Again on May 28, 2017, In U.P’s Rampur; 14 Men horrendously molested 2 Women, made a video and circulated it on social media, while the BJP Govt only paid lip service. 

Misogynist BJP-RSS disrespects India’s Women 
Adityanath, UP CM has shockingly written,“Stree Shakti should never be independent, she requires protection and Channelization….in fact, women are not worthy of being independent or free”. 
He further states, 
“ If women acquire the virtues of men, they become Devil”. 

Compromising Women Safety
1. Rs 1000 Cr of ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ for women’s safety & dignity not utilized. 
2. Out of 660 ‘One Stop Centres’ to be set up for assisting rape victims, 640 not set up at all. 

Disempowering & Disenfranchising Women 
1. BJP Govts. of Rajasthan & Haryana disenfranchised 75% women by mandating educational qualifications. 
2. Women in Assam are now being punished for having more than 2 children by denying right to elected office.