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AMRUT and SMART Cities – ‘Smartly’ Failed! 

AMRUT – Unmaking of the Urban Infrastructure

1. In Congress Govt (2004-14) made a pioneering scheme i.e. JNNURM sanctioning 64,882 Cr for Urban Infra.
2. BJP Govt. replaced JNNURM with a parochial, AMRUT. 
Even AMRUT bleeds: Released allocations are below 10%.

Un-Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

1. 100 ‘Smart Cities’ by 2020 have become a ‘Jumla’.
The cost of these the 90 identified cities is over 1.5 Lakh Crore
2. After 3 years, only 5,961 Cr (4.52%) released by GOI
Out of 642 total projects, only 23 have been completed