namami gange

Latest National Mission for Clean Ganga report updated on December 2017 reveals that only 18 projects out of the 195 projects that were sanctioned have been completed in the last 4 years

  • As per CAG, Out of Rs 20,000 Cr budget, BJP allocated a mere ₹ 5,378 Cr. (26.89%) and utilized an appallingly ₹ 2615.17 Cr (13%)
  • A majority of sanctioned and completed projects under NamamiGange are sewage treatment plants (STPs). Till December 2017, NamamiGange had created only 228.13 million litres per day of the 2,278.08 mild sewage treatment capacities it aimed for.
  • A CAG report has revealed that during 2016-17, the level of pollutants in the river across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal was six to 334 times higher than the prescribed levels.
  • In 2016, the National Green Tribunal criticised the Uttar Pradesh government for allowing dead bodies to be dumped in the Ganga.

Thereafter, An Anguished Supreme Court says – ‘Will Ganga be cleaned in this century?’

Images of the Ganga at six key locations show how the river deteriorates, turning from blue to green to muddy, thanks to pollution.