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Backstabbing India’s Farmers

1. 35 Farmers are driven to suicide every day. Bharat Mata’s soul cries as ‘12,602 farmers’ commit suicide in 2015.
2. While Rs.1,54,000 Crore loans of a ‘Handful Crony Businessmen Friends’ written off by BJP Government, India’s debt-ridden Farmers denied ‘Farm Loan Waiver’.
3. BJP came to power promising “Cost+50% Profit on MSP”. On February 20, 2015; BJP Govt. told the Supreme Court that India’s farmer cannot be given ‘50% Profit on Cost of Production’.
4. BJP Govt. is deliberately not procuring farmer’s crop even at MSP. On one hand, BJP Govt. buys less Wheat from India’s farmers. On the other hand, it imports Wheat by reducing Import Duty from 25% to 0%. Nexus with Food Grain Mafia is evident.
5. PM Fasal Bima Yojana (started on April 1, 2016) benefits Private Empanelled Companies, not the ‘targeted’ Farmers. This is evident from the fact that as Private empanelled companies were paid premium of Rs.17,185 crore only for Kharif 2016, 3.90 crore affected farmers only got a compensation of Rs.6,808 crore. This gave a profit of Rs.10,376 crore in one crop season to Private Companies. If calculated for an entire yea i.e – Kharif & Rabi – profit to Pvt. Companies would come to nearly Rs.21,000 crore.
6. During UPA- Congress Govt. Agriculture Exports surged from US$ 753.30 Million in 2003-04 to US$ 3295 Million. Under BJP, Exports have miserably plunged by US$ 1338 Million.